Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bumble and bumble Surf spray + Spray chalk review!

Who doesn't love beachy hair? It's the epitome of summer beauty and personally I love it in the winter too. After contemplating for months over whether to invest in the award winning Bumble and bumble surf spray, I finally cracked when they announced a free spray chalk gift with every full sized product purchased. 

Surf spray

Starting off with the price, for £21.50 I felt this was quite expensive considering that when I first picked it up I mistook it for the small version. If it weren't for the spray chalk incentive I probably would have just bought the 50ml one for £9 to test it out first. I love the packaging of the bottle, it's not too glossy and not too plain and perfectly fits the 'Surfy beachy' not trying too hard aesthetic. 
I've been using it most day's, experimenting with different techniques. I usually use it on dry curled hair and found the best way it to just spray straight onto hair randomly then working the product in with hands, although you can also spray it on the palm of your hand and work it in that way. Iv'e felt in the past that salt sprays were very heavy but B.b Surf spray is super light giving a soft windswept texture to the hair without leaving it matted. I would like to emphasize however, that this will not give you any dramatic volume if that's what you're looking for. Overall this really is a wonderful styling product for natural daytime hair and going out hair, all year round. I just hope it lasts me until Autumn! 

Spray chalk

I used to have pink dip dyed hair last summer and loved it! Pink hair however isn't suitable for some working environments like mine, which can be a real 'ball ache' when you're desperate to try out the latest hair trends. Wash in wash out colours are hitting it big this summer in wake of all the festivals and Bumble and bumble have produced one of their own and for my free spray chalk I chose the colour blush.
 I've used hair chalks in the past such as the Topshop set for £7.50 so was very eager to see how the B.b spray version compared.
Putting it on at first can be very messy, a towel is essential for protecting clothes. The colour is very bright, Blush is a pastel pink that really pop's and you don't need much at all to cover a section. All seemed well at first but then when I went to feel my hair afterwards it was stiff and straw like. When I put a brush to it the colour came out and It reminded me of the cheap colouful dye sprays you get in Boot's or Superdrug. Is it worth £15? No and I wouldn't recommend it for a festival unless you had short hair or intended on keeping you're hair up the whole time. On the plus side it was free and I can see it working really well with up do style's , plaits and hair with lots of product in already so i'll keep experimenting!

If you've tried any of these products and have any tips for the spray chalk or want to join in on the love for Surf spray comment below.

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