Friday, 20 June 2014

Feeling fresh in white on white

In the past I had always considered white jeans as a 'no go' for me, I like to buy clothes that will be forever stylish and white jeans just seemed too bright and impractical for my at times messy and clumsy lifestyle. I am also of the opinion that white jeans can sometimes look a tad tacky when styled mundanely with anything plain and bright.
Oh how wrong I was, after popping into Topshop to check what size I was for high waisted jeans I picked up the first pair I seen in my size which happened to be this white pair. Alas to my discovery I fell in love with the pure white innocent look of them. The super stretch technology (aka extra elastane) of the Topshop cropped Moto jeans clung to my legs and bum accentuating my figure. My imagination became filled with all the endless outfit combinations this could be incorporated into, therefore, as all girls do I eventually turned my 'want' desire into a justifiable 'need' and bought them at £36. Student discount at the ready of coarse bringing it down to £30!

The Product

They are not strictly jeans as far as traditional thick denim goes but the super stretchiness of the jeans is brilliant for every day activities that just seem a little too uncomfortable in normal skinny jeans such as sitting cross legged and bending down. If you are after cropped white jeans and you are petite then I suggest you try the petite section for them as these are full length on my 5ft 3 frame.

 My only complaint about these were that the stitching at the bottom of the jeans was completely loose and the hem as a consequence was left raw. I checked all the other jeans just in case it was just mine but they were all the same in this shop, my guess is that it was just a bad batch or poor manufacturing.
Topshop cater for the fast fashion culture, therefore quality of a product can sometimes be overlooked as long as it looks good. For £36 I expect the hems to be finished, luckily I am a dab handy at stitching so I will fix them myself.


Giving a fresh nod to the white on white trend I paired these jeans with a white ribbed cropped top also from Topshop. The great thing about high waisted is that you can get away with wearing crop tops without feeling like your showing too much off, especially flattering on curvy figures as it cinches you in at the waist creating a sexy hourglass shape. 
To keep the look chic and understated I chose to wear my favorite sandy coloured All Saints boots, they are a pre-owned pair from Ebay that I nabbed for no more than £20! All Saints boots in my experience are excellent quality and you can get some amazing deals on Ebay.

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