Sunday, 29 June 2014

Simples: Dress becomes crop top and skirt.

It seems I am forever spring-cleaning my wardrobe in a never ending quest to downsize. Some things I sell, some go to charity and some with a bit of imagination get up-cycled. The picture above shows what used to be a Miss Selfridge dress I bought for £5 on sale, intending to wear it for summer but of coarse it soon landed in the 'To be determined pile'. What made me want to change up this dress was the good quality lining of the skirt which gives it more fullness, thinking forward I imagined it going very well with a cropped jumper and boots. I'd also wanted a new summer top but couldn't find anything to my liking on the high street. 
Turning a dress into a crop top and skirt can really update your wardrobe at little to no expense. I'm far from being any kind of technical expert, I just do what works for me, nevertheless I have listed the steps below for a simple way of doing this that ANYONE of any ability can do!

Items needed:

  • A dress
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread (mines in matching white)
  • Waistband elastic, measure and cut so it clings comfortably round the waist (bought from any haberdashery or I took mine out of some old leggings)

Start cutting

Simply cut the dress in half. I without thinking too much chose to cut above the waist seam, however, I would strongly suggest you cut below. The reason for this is that if your fabric is already gathered at the waist seam (like mine) then this will eventually constrict the future waist band from stretching as much. Life is just easier when clothes can just be slipped on and off. 

The skirt

Firstly turn the skirt inside out, then fold the edge over an inch or so, flattened and pin in place. This is essentially creating the structure of the waist band, so make sure the width of the elastic can fit inside before pulling the waistband elastic through it. As mentioned before mine was already gathered hence the ruched look below, if you cut below the waist seam as suggested above it will look flat.

Pull the waistband elastic through, pinning one end of it in place to make it easier. When both ends of elastic meet simply sew them together.

Finally sew the fold down neat and straight following the edge, a sewing machine is more efficient but mine is currently out of action. 

Et voila! skirt is made 

The Top

This is the easiest part, turn the top inside out and fold over the raw edges twice, making it look neat and flat. Finish by sewing along.


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