Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creme De La Mer the soft cream review

There is no question about it that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to look after our skin but for that extra boost I believe a good moisturizer is the most crucial cosmetic product to own as it prevents early signs of aging and balances out the skin. The way I see it, the better your skin is the less makeup you need to wear. My only advocate of this is that my Mum who since the age of 18, hasn't worn a massive amount of makeup but has always invested whatever she can afford into moisturizers, is still looking radiant and wrinkle free at age 40.

Creme De La Mer is a very luxurious skincare brand riding on the coat tails of it's acclaimed 'miracle broth' and the long list of celebrities that use it such as Drew Barrymore and Johnny Depp. Their cremes which cost £100 - £1,000 a pot have caused much controversy over the past few years, but for that amount of money it must do something right?

I've always flirted with the idea of trying La Mer moisturizer ever since my early teens, when it was mentioned in the Gossip Girl series of books that the TV series was then later based on. Over the past two years after doing my research and reading countless mixed reviews i'd seriously been considering purchasing one of the Creme De La Mer moisturizers, the only thing holding me back was the price tag making it a very risky investment. Finally I managed to get my hands on a sample 7 ml pot of the Creme De La Mer moisturizing soft cream, which brings me onto my review.  

I decided to go for the soft cream sample because it's meant to be a lighter version of the original La Mer creme which I thought would compliment my combination skin more. The day it arrived I had been burning the candle at both ends working and partying the week before so my skin felt dried out and tired to say the least. La Mer advises that the proper way to use their creams is to warm it between your fingers first until the white turns clear and then pat it all over the face so it sinks in without clogging the pores. I have to say I've been using this sample pot every morning and night for nearly 2 weeks now and my skin feels baby soft like never before. My under eye darkness has also faded, blemishes cleared, and even though I went out Saturday night, the next morning my face still looked more radiant than hung over.

Hand harvested Sea Kelp, one of the ingredients that make La Mer's miracle broth is a subgroup of seaweed. I've always found products with seaweed in very good for my skin because it helps to regulate oil production and clears pores, perhaps this is why I've got along so well with Creme De La Mer. In some other reviews people talked about breaking out from using this cream which in my opinion might have been a reaction to some of the ingredients. For instance, sesame seed oil used in the product can be an irritant to those with very sensitive skin.

One of the controversies surrounding the La Mer moisturizing creams is that it's ingredients are very similar to the blue tinned Nivea Cream, however, I find the Nivea cream quite greasy whereas this is light when used properly and my face feels hydrated and dewy.

I wanted to show you why I've been loving this product for the past two weeks and the only legitimate way I could think of doing this would be to show a completely unedited photo of me this morning with no make up, just the moisturizer. No photo shop has been used, this came straight from my digital camera which is set on automatic. My pores are still not as tight as I would like them to be, the cream hasn't fixed that but go ahead, zoom all you like.

£100 still seems like a lot of money to spend on a moisturizer but the Creme De La Mer soft cream has honestly been amazing, I cannot get over how soft my face feels! I'm not going to commit to splurging on a full sized one just yet because it is too much money to justify and I have my Clinique range of moisturizers to finish up first and a new laptop to buy for Uni. It is a great moisturizer however, which I rate 10/10. If you are intrigued by Creme De La Mer then I strongly recommend getting hold of a sample sized pot before buying the full sized product. If the sales assistants are reluctant to give you a sample then there are many Ebay sellers that sell legitimate 'Buy it now' sample pots for £9.99 each. For more information about their products head to their website www.cremedelamer.co.uk. Students signed up to UNIDAYS also get 10% off House of Fraser which is handy to know. 

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