Thursday, 3 July 2014

Emily's "I dream of Genie" Turban

About a month ago myself and Emily, one of my closest friends went to Parklife festival with Uni friends to kick start the summer. I think the majority will agree feather headdresses and flower crowns, although pretty, have become a bit of a cliche for festival goers along with those Hunter wellie boots, however, festivals are a place for free expression and if that means a few cliche's here and there sprinkled in masses of glitter as sported by myself then what is the problem in that. Let it be.
If you on the other hand are looking for a more inspiring take on the uniform 'head piece' then read on...

Emily's new fashion fixation is on vintage scarves styled into trendy turbans, a look which is also perfect for festivals with it's Bohemian-Genie vibe. Below is a step by step how to fashion you're own Festi-Turban courtesy of Emily.

Take any silk scarf, Emily prefers vintage ones bought from charity shops. Position it around the back of your head.

Cross it over.

Then twist in the opposite direction.

Fasten in place by tying it into a bow or knot at the back.


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