Thursday, 17 July 2014

Floral cropping - Re-worked dresses

It really is so simple! I found these two dresses I hardly find time to wear anymore but couldn't bring myself to part with the gorgeous floral print of them both. Do I wastefully just leave them on the rail hoping one day the perfect occasion will arise? Of course not, I cut them up and fashion them into cute separates. If you would like to know a basic way of doing this then take a look at my post from June 'Simple's: Dress becomes crop top and skirt'. There are also tons of YouTube tutorials floating about.

Top, Day Birger et Mikkelsen

This was a Motel dress bought from the store in Bristol that has sadly closed down I think (it's just always closed whenever I'm on Park street). A few years ago this Motel print was very popular I believe they made 3 different versions of the dress in the same print. The top bodice was just a plain black bandeau, so I much prefer it as a skirt that I can mix and match with different tops. 

 I think everyone loves clothes that are a bit different and the best thing about up-cycling you're own old clothes is that you don't have to go sifting through charity shops or expensive boutiques to find something unique all the time. It's also very depressing to think about how much you spend on clothes and how much wear you get out of them, so think of it as getting your moneys worth.

Skirt from All Saints

This crop top used to be a Topshop dress, I could of used the excess material to make a skirt but I think i'll use it to update one of my clutches.

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