Sunday, 6 July 2014

Go-go buy me these?

I would like the jacket too

 For Autumn/ Winter- 14/15, it was Saint Laurent’s glitzy Go-go boots that did it for me. Not only are the boots something a bit more than extraordinary, Saint Laurent has styled the entire look in such a modern way taking the ‘Austin Powers’ factor completely out of the equation. The softer the look the better. 

 Now I love glitter almost as much as Kesha but I do know the boundaries. If I were a super-rich Russian princess I would be living and sleeping in the diamond covered boots as I hopped from one glamorous city to another. Unfortunately I am not; therefore, the more understated studded boots would be more appropriate for street wear.

It will be interesting to see how the high street will interpret these designs come Autumn.
With bold statement pieces I sometimes feel there is a fine line between what looks ‘modern’ and what looks tacky, and more often than not it relies on the materials and quality of skills used in the process. I can already see premium shoe brands and Topshop conjuring up brilliant adaptations of these boots and I imagine although lacking in quality, Zara will knock out a good copy too. 
Either way if Saint Laurent's catwalk edit on the Vogue website is anything to go by, next season could not come soon enough.

Photo's from Vogue website

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