Thursday, 31 July 2014

Red velvet , Vintage inspired kimono

I do love a bit of velvet, so when my Nan gave me a load of her tops to sell on Ebay and I saw this velvet berry red top I just had to make it my own!

I could of scaled it down to fit me as a normal top but then I remembered my infatuation for 1920's vintage inspired jackets and kimono's and how pretty they look layered over lace. I'm very particular with kimonos, on the high street I find them too long for my petite height or too 'samey' and always too expensive. Now with a chance to take matters into my own hands I got to work cutting and sewing...

I started with cutting down the middle on the seam and shortening the top to waist length, then finishing off the hem and edges with a simple fold and running stitch.

 Taking some inspiration from the 20's I ruched the arms a little as well as the body of the jacket to create a curtain drape effect.

After browsing through the scrap pile of my local haberdashery I finally found a good length of black tassel fringe which I snapped up to add to my new jacket. I simply measured the amount I needed and pinned the fringe in place following the underarm seam, then sewed.

With the left over material from before I made a little rope that fastens the evening kimono together or can be tied at the back for decoration.

This took me about 4 hours to do by hand as the stretchy material was hard to work with, but we got there in the end finishing at 2.30 am last night. I am very happy with how it's turned out, I might take it in a bit more at another point as it was originally a size 18, but it's fine for now.  I will most likely wear it as an evening kimono jacket or wear it to a festival, it wont be to everyone's taste but this fits in perfectly with my own style, it's got that bohemian romantic vibe.
When it comes to up-cycling clothes I'm definitely no expert, I just use my imagination as to what will look best and how to do it. This is why I encourage it so much because it really is for everyone who wants to have a little fun with their clothes.

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