Thursday, 24 July 2014


An old maxi skirt can have so many uses...

With Sziget festival in Budapest less than 3 weeks away I thought i'd let you meet my loyal versatile cloth otherwise known as an Urban Outfitters maxi skirt I destroyed two Christmases ago. Since that time it's sort of been my perfect travelling/festival outfit for light packing because I can transform it into multiple dresses and skirts, it will most definitely be in my backpack for the upcoming festival.

Over the past year I've worn this tie-dye bohemian cloth of mine to the beach, dinners, clubbing and to an Italian Opera in Verona. It's a very stretchy material so it hugs the figure and can be pulled into different shapes, I simply fasten it with a knot or I use the extra material cut from the middle to make a cinching belt.

My bracelet in these pictures is actually a necklace I wrapped around my wrist for a modern twist.

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