Sunday, 31 August 2014

Interview black out

This week has been so busy for me as I've been crashing at other peoples houses, job hunting and commuting quite a lot. I thought I'd share with you a snippet of my day and my interview outfit. I'm off to Manchester again tonight so I can attend an interview and as I'm writing this I'm in the midst of getting my travel bag together. 

Apparently an employer will judge you within a few minutes of meeting you, therefore it's important to dress for the occasion, look professional and smile loads. For me personally it's also important to represent the company's image, adding just enough of you're own personal style to stand out as an individual. That way they the interviewer will get a sense that you will fit in perfectly with the brand image, this is just my theory.

 My interview is for quite a conservative department store who I've worked for before. They like fresh and friendly for their stores from what I've gathered through experience. I wanted to keep it super simple and go for a black on black look because I think it creates a silhouette of clean fluid lines and just looks very professional. My dress is from All Saints and the jacket is from H&M. I've added my own style to this outfit by choosing to wear khaki heeled pumps (very high) and some burgundy glass earrings. My hair will be in tousled curls tomorrow and for makeup I've decided to opt for a natural look with CC cream, emphasizing my features with winged eyeliner and my Dior addict lipstick. 

This interview is rather important to me, it's not that I'm desperate for a job, I just get nervous not having one and the fear of not getting one makes me feel financially trapped. I have quite a bad shopping habit like most girls and freshers is coming up again which means all the stores will be putting on mid season sales not to mention the expense of going out going out 3 times a week and food to live on, therefore, it's nice to know I've got a paycheck coming up.

Wish me luck! 


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