Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sziget festival, Budapest - Whats in the backpack?

Taken from last summer whilst travelling
The packing has begun and in a few days I'll be on Óbuda Island dancing my time away doused in glitter and Hungarian sunshine, can't wait. This year we decided to hit 2 birds with one stone and go to a festival abroad, it's well known among friends that I'm a BIG Secret Garden Party fan so it's important to me that a festival has an artsy idea behind it. After assessing all the European festivals we chose Sziget, the infamous 7 day festival in Budapest.

In my normal day to day life the eccentric and sparkly things I've collected through out the years barely see the light of day, they sit on my clothes rail or folded up in a draw waiting for the perfect event to arise. I feel a lot of guilt over unworn clothes so when it come to festival clothing, it's really a time for me to gather all my lovely hidden treasures and build a sort of spangly pile of misfits.

Thankfully Budapest weather doesn't call for wellie boots or a back up plan of jeans and jumpers so packing for this festival is quite light. For 10 days I have 4 dresses, 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 4 bikinis (i couldn't decide), 3 pairs of shoes, a jumper and 2 cardigans. I like to take stuff I can easily co-ordinate with everything, yes, even that rainbow sequin skirt.

I don't ever take new shoes to festivals. The grounds filthy and I'm surprisingly heavy on my feet so the shoes I'm taking which consist of leather ballet flats and a pair of sandals are being worn with the intention of giving them there last lease of life as it were. The studded Converse above might look very pleasant but they are infact too small for me so I'm also taking them with an acceptance that they may be fit for the bin when I come back. 

 Getting the basic human essentials out the way, Listerine is a daily must for me because nothing says fresh like the feeling of paint stripper in your mouth. Mini shampoo and conditioner for the hope of there being clean-ish showers, if that fails then dry shampoo and back combing is the way forward. For the face, a spare mini cleanser I found and face wipes for removing glitter and makeup. A nail brush will be quite handy for removing dirt ready to be spritzed with anti-bacterial gel. 

Since Sziget is a 7 day festival we also purchased a portable phone charger to share. I usually have my phone turned off most the time anyway but it's nice to have some charge just in case of emergencies. 

Faithful bunny ears are out in full force.

I like to be as low maintenance as I can when it comes to my festival makeup bag especially in hot weather and I try to keep things in mini's that are often just samples or bonus products. The reason for this is I personally don't like wearing too much makeup in hot weather if any at all, the other reason is that I invest what I consider as a student to be a lot into my makeup products and if I were to lose them or have them stolen it's a lot of money down the drain that I might not be able to replace, it's better not to take the risk.

I won't go through every product but starting with the skin, I'm taking 2 mini moisturizers, Olay SPF 15 and Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Moisturizer is very important for the health of our skin to combat all the other products we abuse our skin with such as face scrubs, face wipes and makeup.

Next is my mini Benefit Porefessional primer, it's a brilliant primer for reducing pore size and smoothing the face, I apply this to my T-zone. During the day i'll be mostly makeup free so for night time I couldn't resist taking advantage of my mini Nars sheer glow foundation sample, it's good to keep the natural look of skin so I'll just dab a bit in the areas I feel needs evening out. For concealer I have my Bobbi Brown corrector in Salmon which neutralizes the blue in dark circles, I urge anyone who feels they have problems covering the under eye area to buy a corrector, my favourite is Benefit Erase Paste. The traditional concealer can then be patted over the top to even out skin tone, I'm taking my Dior Skin Nude one. Face powder is my spare Clinique one I'm trying to use up.

No eye shadows or highlighters in this makeup bag, that's because its all in my Body Shop summer waves bronzer. I learnt last summer that I can use the shades in this bronzer for a golden/brown smoked eye shadow as well as a gold highlighter and bronzer, it's all I need to take. After applying mascara, it's time to finish off the look and get a bit creative with glitter! or any fun face makeup of choice. You can get this anywhere it doesn't matter what brand it is, I have gold and black from Mac and my favourite silver from collection 2000.

I'm so excited to get there, we leave this weekend so my next post will be after the 20th August, bye for now! Thanks for reading! X

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