Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sziget festival! I'm back!

It's been a week since being back from Sziget and after recovering I'm finally back on the social map kicking off my blogging again with a Sziget review.
Foreign festivals have become the new 'alternative holiday' in recent years and who can blame us, English festivals including the small ones are so expensive now we may as well pay the same price and head to the sun to see our favourite acts.
 Sziget festival is found in Budapest on the Danube party island of Obuda, it's an incredibly popular festival with over 200,000 people attending not including the day visitors. 

After 24 hrs of travelling and waiting around in Frankfurt airport for our next connection followed by a bomb scare in Budapest airport we arrived at Sziget. We got off to a rocky start to say the least, after traipsing around in the midday heat looking for a place to camp in the crowded woods it became apparent once we found the perfect spot that the tent I brought had began to grow mold on from where I cleaned it and didn't air it out properly. Despite my inner clean freak having a mental break down we decided it wasn't so bad, so  settled with it as 80% of our time would be spent outside of the tent anyway, enjoying everything Sziget had to offer!.

It was so nice to be in the Eastern European heat for the festival, bikini tops were almost a uniform of sorts. Facilities at this festival were the best I'd ever seen at any festival, large clean shower blocks were a refreshing start to every day. Toilet blocks were cleaned every day as well as the porta-loo's. Large washing basins were also available to wash hands, clean teeth, refill water guns ect. Sziget prides itself not only it's all star lineup but it's focus on the art's. The camping areas are decorated with fairy lights, Japanese lanterns and sea creatures as well as a whole section of the festival dedicated to arts and craft workshops. Some of the more weirder workshop's which I wish I went to now just for the novelty, was the bunny worship workshop where each day a different activity would be devoted to the worship of the all mighty bunny God.

The lineup for Sziget this year was pretty impressive, lets just say I've knocked off a few bucket list goals. I'd only really heard of a few classic deadmau5 songs before watching him, (I was instructed to use a small d), but I soon fell in love with his show and just thought he was amazing! he knew how to get a crowd going. I respect deadmau5 as a big artist because he plays his own original songs and mixes and edits everything live instead of just pressing the play button *eham cough* David Guetta. Watching him you get the feeling he's in it for the music not the money *again cough* Calvin Harris. I also love his mouse head, it's so cool.

My favourite performance and one that was quite emotional for me was watching Placebo. I was hesitant as to whether they would be any good but they blew me away within 5 minutes. Brian Molko's voice was identical to the albums, he sang with passion, hitting every note, he held a powerful London cool presence on stage to say the least. Hearing them for the first time when I was 15 I've found their dark yet uplifting songs inspiring ever since. 

Without delving into more cliches I will swiftly move onto the next impressive act which is the rap artist Angel Haze. A relative newbie to the music industry after escaping her bizarre religious cult (interesting story look it up) she is a young female artist who's A38 stage performance really struck a chord with me. Coming onto a darkened stage dressed in T-shirt, jeans and trainers it was so refreshing to see a female artist of her caliber in that music genre to not be wearing bedazzled underwear to make big money. Her raps were authoritative and fast, she faced away from the crowd quite a lot which although signifies an insecurity, I found it rather humbling. Towards the end of her performance she jumped into her crowd of fans and rapped her last song whilst making her way towards the back of the tent followed by a snake train of people, it's nice to see she's not a fully fledged egotistical act yet. It's clear to see she cares about the music and equally her fans, I can only describe her performance as unassuming and the rawest of talents.

Some more tiny memorable moments I personally found very impressive was the moment during Outkast where a gazebo was crowd surfed to the front, oh and where during the Prodigy performance 4 men managed to get on each others shoulders and stay there. Well done whoever you are.

The rainbow skirt was my go to choice of outfit 
Sziget had tons of activities to get involved with such as experimenting with circus equipment, and writing on the 'Before I die' wall. During our stay we enjoyed sipping cocktails in the sky overlooking the main stage, basically a bar elevated up 80 ft by a crane. We also had a ride on this hanging trapezium swing thing called Mupa (you'll see below). The idea was to do a back flip in the air, the epic lift and height took me by surprise, however, and I ended up resembling a rag doll being thrown about. I can't lie it was fun though!

After an extremely fun week of getting up to all sorts and binning all but one pair of shoes. Sziget had to end eventually and it has been hard to fit 10 days of events into one post, so much that I need to do 2 more posts on my time away as of course I found some time to shop and bought a few lovely Hungarian goodies from the festival, followed by a short stay in Budapest city which I'm desperate to talk about.

If you're thinking of going next year then I hope this has helped you a bit and I say go for it!


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