Sunday, 3 August 2014

The big Heart's of July

It's the beginning of August so I thought it would be nice to do a little round up my favourite items from the previous month. Quite appropriately, my wooden heart given to me as a gift has become the perfect little mascot.

First up is my favourite makeup and tools of the month. It's summer now and walking 30 mins to work in the heat can be troublesome for makeup so I've been wearing as little as I can. I've stopped wearing blusher as I feel my cheeks don't need to be any more flushed than they already are after walking, instead I stick to wearing my Guerlain Terracotta bronzer to give me a sun kissed healthy look. I apply this on the contours of my cheeks and in the very edges of the hair line area, blending as I go (Makeup artists tip for creating the illusion of a smaller forehead). 

Below is my eye brow saviour, the Benefit Gimme brow gel that thickens the eye brows. I've always had quite thin brows and although Iv'e never cared too much for the Cara Delevingne look It's nice to have something that emphasizes them without being too dramatic. I love this product because it's natural looking and very build-able, I use this pretty much every day! my only complaint is the size, it's too small. 

Next up is the Dior Skin nude concealer, I absolutely 'heart it', I bought this in duty free on a whim as I needed a new concealer. This creamy formula is smooth to apply on and keeps under eye skin feeling healthy and in no way 'cakey'. I feel like it has enough under eye coverage for me but that's because I always use a salmon coloured corrector underneath to combat any circles, overall it's got a lot of love from me.

Last but not least it's a case of 'old dog learning new tricks'. I bought this body shop kabuki brush over a year ago now and had only ever used it for bronzing, but last month I discovered that these types of synthetic brushes are perfect for applying foundation. If you make small circular motions when applying it gently buffs the foundation or BB/CC cream into your face creating a more airbrushed and natural look.  

I was born in the wrong era for sure, 1960's London is where I should be, going to Rolling Stone concerts and joining the hippie movement. If no one can make me a time machine then i'll settle for looking like i'm from the 60's in these White leather Chelsea boots. I bought them in the Topshop sale last month, the Crocodile effect is my favourite part about them, only problem is I can only wear these to clean places...which rules out the rainy streets of Manchester come Autumn. Damn.

Keeping with the 60's thing, one of my style icons is Edie Sedgwick, a Manhattan socialite and one of Andy Warholes superstars. She was very eccentric in her style, border line 'junky' looking at times, yet she still seemed to keep it extremely chic through out. With the white boots these silver hoop earrings remind me of her style when she first moved to New York, I've been wearing them with the same mini dress repeatedly for the past 2 weeks.

The same mini dress as mentioned above, this has got to be my most worn dress by far. In the past 2 weeks I've worn it 6 times, it's officially my favourite dress. Ironically when I first bought it I wasn't that mad on it but it was on sale at Urban Outfitters and because it fitted so well I knew I'd wear it. Well 'wear it' is an understatement I've practically been living in it, a genuine feeling of 'what else will I wear?!' came about when I had to eventually wash it.

Below I've paired it with all of the above items and products creating my most worn outfit of the month, as well as my new Vintage Green bag I bought in Sobey's; a vintage shop on Bristol's Park Street. It has plenty of pocket's and compartments inside, being constantly on the move you need a good utilities bag.

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