Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hungarian Haul: Kata's things

Following my Sziget post from last week, I've now finally got all my Hungarian accessories together in one place. Before these lovely finds, I had been searching for what seemed like forever trying to find really unique and interesting home made jewellery. 

The pink stoned earrings and the red and blue tribal earrings are from a native american stall that we found at the festival, I was coerced into buying them whilst quite drunk...actually I bought all of these in a not so sober state of mind. Take from that what you will. 

The other earrings and hair clips are all handmade by this lovely Hungarian woman named Kata, she uses resin and enamel to create these beautiful earrings. The crescent chandelier earrings below are perhaps my favourite, they remind me of one of my 60's style icons Edie Sedgwick. The burnt orange colour catches the light perfectly.  

I don't often wear decorative hair clips anymore, but I do wear curby grips. Seeing these cute hair clips were a sort of renaissance for me, so I ended up buying 6 pairs of clips (one for my mum). I'd temporarily lost one of the pale blue clips but it has been found now. 

I was such a good customer to Kata she gave me some heavy discounts. I've learned that if you want to buy a few things at a festival wait until the last night because it will all either be on sale or the'll give you discounts if you buy so much just to get rid of it all. 

Kata's normal online retail price for her earrings are around 7 - 10 euros each, of course with the discounts and Hungarian Forint exchange rate I paid a little less.

If you would like to check out Kata's stuff then you can find her at


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