Saturday, 13 September 2014

Laura Mercier eye palette review

I never thought I could get bored with Naked palettes but I guess the saying goes 'too much of a good thing'...

Anyway as much as I still love my trusty Naked palettes I wanted to add something a little different and a bit more daring to the mix. Enter, Laura Mercier Artist palette! The 12 eye shadows are encased in a plush crocodile effect case with  large compact mirror. This palette has been out a few months and was initially a Spring palette but I personally think these colours are perfect for all seasons, especially Autumn. The palette also comes with 1 mini eye caviar stick in the shade Cocoa, and a mini Laura Mercier black mascara, great for a travelling small makeup bag like mine.

Of course Laura Mercier isn't the cheapest of makeup brands and at the time I was lucky enough to take advantage of a hefty discount. Originally this makeup palette would cost £60, which is pretty steep, but if you're passionate about eye shadows and palettes then it's definitely worth it. When it comes to buying makeup I try to wait until the big department stores do price matches. For instance if you're a student in the UK, House of Fraser give a 10% student discount online, which is okay but if you wait until the 20% discount price matches come on (quite often) then you can combine discounts and get 30% off.

The shades in the palette are a varied mix of dark blue's, warm browns and frosty purples and pinks. I've been using it for the past few weeks as my 'go to' palette whilst commuting between the north and south, taking me from daytime casual to smoky nights. I particularly like the combination of the top right 4 matte shades. I don't often wear colour on my lids but this palette makes experimenting with smoky blues and purples very easy, I've mastered the perfect soft and smoky purple eye now!

All 12 shades are very pigmented and feel smooth on the skin making them very easy to blend with no fallout or chalkiness, even the shimmery ones. 'Buttercream' is the shade I mostly highlight with on the brow bone because it's a very light matte colour that sharpens up any day eye look.

 For the perfect 'daytime nude' transition shade I use ginger as its just a tad darker than my skin tone and compliments 'Cafe Au Lait' and 'Buttercream' very well.  

Daimond Pink is very similar to naked 3's 'Dust' shade, I use this on the inner corners of my eye to brighten things up a bit. Sable is a sheeny grey colour and I use this mostly as a transition shade to blend out the purple's and blue's to soften a smoky eye. 

When it comes to 'Deep Night' and 'Noir' I still can't decipher the difference, apart from 'Deep Night' is perhaps a slightly more vibrant blue?

 If I were to improve anything in this palette it would be taking 'Noir' out and replacing it with either a matte black or a shimmery black/blue. Apart from that I absolutely love it!



  1. Gorgeous! great review...I can't wait to check this out in store

    The Koalafornian x

    1. Thank you for reading, glad you liked it! :) x

  2. THis is such a gorgeous palette! We're suckers for cute packaging too, so this gets 10/10 from us

    M + K

    1. Yes I'm with you on that! the packaging is really lovely :)


  3. Great post. Cant resist pretty packaging!

    1. Same, it's terrible how much it actually convinces us to buy a product haha They are amazing eye shadows as well though, thanks for reading! :) xx