Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Uni room, Tips and Tricks.

The summer holidays have officially ended for me and it's back to Manchester for my second year of Uni and to find a new job. After a few days of settling in, I thought I'd show you the progress of my room so far and give out my tips on how to make the most of your Uni room whether it be house or dorm room. 

This year I have a double bed which is amazing! I only remembered a few days before moving so I'm using an old duvet cover set my Mum gave me for the time being, although I actually quite like it. Fairy lights and photo collages are new to me but they make my bedroom feel cozy and add a boost of homeliness. My Mum bought these fairy lights from Cornwall as an early Birthday present, they come as standard fairy lights but then you can choose which coloured woven balls to add on, mine are a mix to play around with. Another new thing to me in this bedroom is my luxurious soft woolen throw. I fell in love with the colour so we bought it on my last week of owning my John Lewis discount. I'm making a conscious decision to take good care of it as it's great quality but easy to snag.

It's still not quite finished as I have quite a lot of stuff that needs to be stored away neatly in the wardrobe but it's getting there! 

Now for some bedroom tips....

1. Often enough your new Uni room may be smaller than what your currently used to at home. This room although lovely is quite small and don't even get me started on my dorm room last year although credit has to be given to Man Met uni for fitting the Cambridge Halls dorms with excellent storage space. The only thing you can do is make the most of the space you have. Buy some cheap Ikea fabric storage boxes to keep under wear and leggings in if there isn't draws available. 

2. A full length mirror is a must. Wardrobe and hair decisions are a whole lot easier when you know exactly what you look like head to toe. Pick up a cheap one from your local second hand shop or from trusty Wilko's. 

3. Just for me personally I like to have my jewellery on show because I always forget to wear it and am too lazy to go searching through little boxes to find things. Above on my desk is my earring holder from Urban Outfitters and in the second photo hanging on my mirror is another necklace holder, it just makes things more convenient to grab on the go. Also if you've been following me on Instagram you'll know draw separators have helped me out loads with organizing makeup.

4. The dilemma of where to hang your towel and dressing gown when your new room doesn't come with hooks? Adhesive hooks are now my best friend for rented houses. £1.99 for 5 from Wilkinsons, I've used them to hang my fairy lights and on my door and wall for my towel. The Landlord has said we can get them to put permanent hooks in at a later date so these will do for now just to make floor space and to make everything look a bit neater.

5. Own polish and be sure to hoover. Pests love dirt. 

6. Get something that smells nice in your room. Student accommodation can tend to have this lingering damp smell that just wont go away. I battle it with Yankee candles but if you're forbidden to light candles then opt for a scented diffuser. They sell those every where now, Asda do them for £3.

7. Completely dependable on your financial situation and room space but I find owning your own printer is a God send. The pay off compared to printing off your documents in the library is so much better, I feel like I saved a lot of money last year owning one. I picked up mine from Tesco for around £25 and I get cheaper Ink in Wilko's. Good old Wilko's. 

Good luck to those of you starting or going back to University this year wherever you may be and have fun! Let me know what you're Uni bedroom essentials and tips are below in the comments section! :) 



  1. I love the fairy lights! Putting up photos on my wall is always my trick when I have to brighten up a new room

    XO Greta |

    1. Thank you! I agree photo's on the wall does brighten up a room and adds more character :) xx

  2. You are so lucky to have a double bed, I'm going into my third year with a broken single *sigh*. I find cosy blankets or fluffy pillows make the room more homely and comfortable x

    1. Aw no that's a shame, at least you have more floor space I guess hah Oh that is such a good idea! I do feel mines still lacking true homely comfort so I might take that idea and go get myself some cool pillows! x