Saturday, 6 September 2014

Vintage leather and German market jewellery

The Autumn months are quickly coming upon us and after reading about all the fantastic new trends in fashion magazines it can sometimes leave us feeling very unfashionable at the prospect of not being able to buy all you desire. Welcome to the world of fast fashion. My best advice would be, before spending all that student overdraft or wages on a new wardrobe of outfits, take a look at what you already have? Dig through winter storage, find new ways of wearing things, polish and re-heel those old knee high boots, you might be surprised at what you find, I know I was...   

Whilst going through mine and my mum's shared vacuum packs of clothes I found this vintage leather jacket of hers. Bought as a gift for her 16th birthday, it reminds me of the jacket Michelle Pfeiffer's character wore in 'Dangerous minds' aka the woman in Coolio's 'Gangsters paradise' music video. Classic tune.

 In previous years when I've tried it on, it always seemed rather unflattering, but then, as a skinny teenager in the 00's anything masculine/baggy would look unflattering on me in my mind, especially when my main fashion concern during high school was to somehow magically create cleavage from virtually non existent boobs. Yeah, so glad those days are over.

Back to the present! Now that I embrace bigger fitting clothes I decided to try it on again, just to see if I'd finally grown into it's style. It was a Eureka moment. Although it's a very masculine style of jacket it works well over a mini shift dress. The only way I can describe it, is it sort of brings the 90's and 60's together in a Mod/grunge look. I think the key to pulling off a big leather jacket is to keep the rest of the outfit in a neutral palette which is why I paired it with this simple jumper dress from H&M.

I can tell this dress is going to be my favourite Autumn/winter piece, I've been wearing it everywhere! It also looks quite chic with simple jewellery. This matching set of leather and silver only cost me £15 in the Manchester German market last month. If you love jewellery and want something different from what the high street has to offer, I highly suggest going along city market stalls to find hand crafted stuff.


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