Friday, 3 October 2014

All Saints - Perks of the job

Hello again! I do apologize for my lack of blog activity recently, I've just started back at uni so it's all been a bit crazy and my room is a bit of a nightmare for taking photographs (the worst lighting) which I'm trying to work around the best I can. 

Last week I landed a part time job at All Saints in the Trafford centre, which in case you didn't know is just my dream! I could talk forever about why I love All Saints as a brand, and believe me I've already exhausted myself verbally to many friends on the subject these past two weeks. It's all about shades of grey! Granted it's expensive, yes, but if you only ever own one discounted dress from All Saints it will forever be stylish. 

As part of being a stylist at All Saints I get a budget per season to spend on uniform plus a pair of shoes. For this seasons uniform I wanted to keep in mind that it would be getting colder soon so I opted for the black Mast low rise skinny jeans and the Abi top in black. For shoes I chose the Sarris Chelsea boot. All of the below can be bought in store and online and students get 20% off.   

Surprisingly these boots are actually really comfortable, I think it's the thick rubber sole. I'n usually a size 4 in All Saints shoes but I opted for a 5 just because due to the narrow ankle they were a little tricky to get on in the 4 and there's nothing more uncomfortable than 'too tight' shoes. 

I think I'm in love wit the Abi top, I'm a sucker for asymmetric hems. It isn't in the photograph but a real key feature of the top is the silver zip on the side that can be undone as far as you like or zipped up adding a cool 'edginess' to the top. I think out of my leftover budget I'll need to get myself another pair of black jeans perhaps the high waisted, just because our house tumble dryer is a nightmare and it's good to have a back up.

The great thing about my work outfit is that I can easily go straight from work to a party if needs be, and that is perhaps the most endearing thing about All Saints clothes for me. 

Effortless, chic and forever timeless.


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