Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nars Christopher Kane: Outer limits

This month the new Nars Christopher Kane collection hit stores in the UK and after setting sights on the dazzling eyeshadow shade 'Outer limits' I couldn't resist.  After reading some great reviews and scanning YouTube for tutorials it was a clear case of 'She saw, she bought!'

 However, I was disappointed to see not many reviews had been posted due to the newness of the product. So this got me craving to write a blog post about my experience with the 'Outer limits' shade, I hope you find this helpful!

The colour of this shade was so stunning and unusual to see, it's an extremely sparkly, rose gold going on orange shade. It can look daunting and at first as much as the inner magpie in me loved it, I did only consider it to be an inner corner eye colour just to brighten the eyes.  

For an experiment the first time I used it I used a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush to dab it over the eyelid and inner corner of the eye. It seemed a little sheer in my bedroom light but later on in work two work colleagues commented on how sparkly and lovely my eyeshadow was. One of my work friends then took a trip after work to get the same shade, she wore it the next day and seeing it on someone else made me realise how beautiful and flattering the shade really is. As you can see from my swatch below, despite the bright orange look in the pan, it actually goes on the skin quite nude. 

The only downside to this eyeshadow from Nars is the fallout, even with primer. I only use a tiny bit of shadow on my eyelid but guaranteed it will transfer somehow into the crease and above it. This isn't really a problem for me as the shade is a good balance of 'intense enough to make an impression' but sheer enough that it looks great all over the eyelid and socket, however, this won't be ideal for those of you that want a very precise look. 

Shown below is the eyeshadow once it's been applied to the eye. For this look I just used the Urban decay Eden eyeshadow primer which covers the eye in a skin tone base getting rid of discolouration. Then with any nude eyeshadow using a big fluffy eyeshadow brush, I dust all over the eyelid. With the same brush using a slightly darker shade (such as 'Coffee Au Lait' from my Laura Mercier pallet) I blend this colour into the crease and towards the brow bone, I find this gives shape to my hooded eye. Using just my finger I dab 'Outer Limits' over the eyelid, no blending required as the shade tends to disperse itself towards the brow bone anyway. Finally to make my eyes pop even more using a small brush I dab a little of the shade into the inner corners of my eye, this always widens your eyes so makes them look more awake and bigger. I like this look to be quite natural, but to define the eye shape a little more I just use a brown pencil liner which I then smudge a little.  

Overall this is a fantastic eyeshadow that can be used for every day purpose, adding something different to a nude makeup look or can be used willy nilly wherever on the face for a great festival look. (maybe under some face gems or bright turquoise eyeliner in creative flicky swirls?)

I highly recommend you go check it out! If you're in the UK and a student you can also get 10% student discount on the House of Fraser website, also if you work in a city centre take advantage of click and collect for free delivery! 

Thanks for the read x

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