Sunday, 22 November 2015

Parker girl

It's been a while since I last posted so I guess a lot of catching up is needed. I, quite abruptly stopped writing a year ago during my second year of uni in Manchester. As much as I love writing and missed the blogging community, I was just juggling too much to really focus on the quality of my content which is really important to me. Hell, I was juggling too much to really focus on anything back then! 

Safe to say, life has settled now and a lot of exciting changes has happened in the past year. I'm currently (finally!) on the placement year of my course working at Ralph Lauren as a Buyers Admin assistant. I live in Greater London with my housemate and good friend but commute regularly back to Bristol on the weekends. Oh, I also turned 22 , 22 days ago.

On that birthday note I wanted to show a glimpse today my lovely gift of the Portere Parker from All Saints, I cant stop wearing it. If theres a style of coat that encompasses my own personal style, this is the one!

The Portere Parker is one of All Saints classic style coats, they do it all year round and for who knows how many years? Having worked there myself I'd never paid much attention to it, it was always undone and hidden away in the continuity section. I wasn't ever a big fan of parker coats, I felt they were too casual for me, it wasn't until I saw it on that I fell in love with it's draping features. 

It's completely effortless, contemporary with a very practical feel. I just don't recommend wearing it in the rain, yes it has a marvelous hood, but waterproof it is not.
It is however, great for throwing over any outfit for any occasion. You could wear bed clothes underneath and essentially as long as the parker was done up look pretty chic. It's also great for rolling up in a ball and shoving it in your bag on nights out, which my nan will tell me off for doing.  

Downside is that it is pretty expensive at £258, but it was a present and la boyfriend gets 50% off.

I think any long coat looks great with bare legs, and a dress. I've paired mine with my Kooples leopard print/ black shift dress (bought on sale back in summer) and Russell & Bromley Runway boots, also a birthday gift. I take great caution when buying clothes and accessories, scouring websites to find a cheaper dupe of what I want but with these 3 items I just couldn't find a better alternative. The boots are beyond the comfiest I've tried on, the upper fabric of the dress has a soft to touch brushed silk feel that I haven't seen since the old school All Saints days and the coat is just gorgeously draped in soft cotton and has what can only be described as a star wars-esque hood. 

These are my investment pieces and probably my favourite items in my wardrobe. I don't think they fit into any particular trend at the moment but they are true to my personal style, and something I would wear for years. :) 

Thank you for reading! 

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